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JetClean Pro is a very light weight optimization tool for Windows operating system that increases the performance of your computer in a single click and gives you that fresh, new PC feeling again. The free version of JetClean is also available but it lacks some of the more advanced features that you will get only in Pro version.

The main interface of JetClean with three tabs across the top of the program window. First tab ‘1-click’ allows you to clean Windows, Registry, RAM, Apps & Shortcuts. You just have to click on ‘Scan Now’ button and leave the rest on JetClean.

In Tools Tab, as its name suggests, it has a few in-build tools such as program uninstaller, Registry Defragger, Internet Booster etc. It allows you export your system information in a HTML file. It also has a Performance Booster that will configure your PC to best meet the demands of your activities by shutting down unnecessary background processes and services, and tweak your system to its top performance.

In Settings tab, you can set the program to perform an automatic PC optimization daily at the preset time to keep your system clean. JetClean also allows you to put some registry keys or browser cookies in the ignore list, so that it will not touch all those registry values and cookies while scanning. In a nutshell, JetClean is a simple but effective PC optimization tool, which is able to give you fresh and new PC feeling.

Key Features Round Up

  • One-click Clean and Tune-up
  • Light, Easy-to-use, and Reliable
  • Fast and Powerful Windows Clean
  • Improves PC Performance
  • More Stable Windows System, Less Crash
  • Faster PC Startup and Program Launch
  • Total Removal of Programs or Files
  • 100% Clean and 100% Safe

Using JetClean


JetClean PRO License Free Giveaway

JetClean PRO provides one complete solution to Windows system cleaning and optimization. Get a one-year license key for free (original value: $20 USD) by simply inputting your email address. The campaign will start on Jan 18 at 12 am and last for 48 hours. Don’t forget to tell your friends!

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