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Nokia announced in February the latest addition to its range of Windows Phones at , with a clear intention of competing hard at the lower echelons of the smartphone market, which have been overwhelmed by Android for ages.

Two months after that, Nokia has stated that the is completed and ready to go on sale in the end. And it estimates that the cheap new handset will first go on market in the Philippines next week, before other parts of Asia – including China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam.

It is also confirmed by Nokia that the 610 will be prevalent among other parts before the end of June, although it has not elaborated yet where it is about to target with the new device.

Refresh (codename ‘Tango’) will be what the handset runs. The newest version of the OS has been particularly optimized so that it can run on low-end hardware, and despite Microsoft’s admission that devices with 256MB of RAM (including the ) will witness some OS limitations, in comparison with higher-spec handsets, much of the Windows Phone experience will keep on running perfectly.

At the beginning, the color will be black, cyan, magenta and white, with an off-contract price of around €189 EUR (around $250 USD / £155 GBP) before taxes or discounts. Hopefully, price will fall quickly; for instance, there has been some remarkable discount of Lumia 700 in some European markets, with prices in the UK already undercutting Nokia’s suggested price for the .

Earlier this month, Nokia informed that there will be an additional version of the with integrated features, making it the first Windows Phone to support .

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