Top 10 Windows Phone apps for Christmas

Only 5 sleeps to go til Christmas and eating your body weight in turkey and Christmas pud (OK I’ll speak for myself). To help you get prepared for the Big Day, here’s our top 10 Christmas Windows Phone apps. Enjoy!

10. Sleeps to Christmas (Free)

This app will tell you how hours minutes and seconds until the big day so you know how much time you have left to be naughty or nice. And it plays Christmas sounds and animations while you’re checking. How Christmassy is that?

9. Cocktail Flow (£2.29)

Want to impress at the Christmas or New Year’s Eve party? Look like a cocktail wizard with Cocktail Flow’s themed drink packages to get recipes for some pretty classy cocktails. Grab your spirits and get shaking (or stirring, you know the deal).

8. Jewels – Christmas Rush! (Free)

If the traditional Bond film doesn’t appeal and you’ve already seen the Sound of Music and The Snowman 20 times, the perfect boxing day pastime could be Jewels – Christmas Rush! This game has more shiny baubles than Victoria Beckham’s Christmas tree.

7. Fireplace2 (Free)

Now virtual chestnuts can roast on a virtual open fire with this classic winter app that displays a choice of fireplaces. The Dutch have a word, ‘gezellig’ which means warm, cosy and at home. Fireplace2 is gezellig. Who else wants to get snowed in?

6. Epicurious (Free)

Not sure how to cook the sprouts or roast the turkey? Epicurious has the answer. This app could save your reputation with around 30,000 different recipes to choose from and detailed ingredients and step-by-step instructions. There’s a Jamie Oliver inside all of us (eugh did I really say that?!).

5. Christmas Cards (£1.49)

No need to pay for all those cards and stamps, make someone laugh/cry/scar them for life with this app where you can superimpose your mug (or the mug of someone you love) onto Christmas cartoons. Best bit is you can send these on Christmas Eve and miss the post office queues. Hooray!

4. UK Snow (Free)

Want to know if your rellies are snowed in and can’t make it for Christmas lunch? UK Snow uses the Twitter hashtag #UkSnow to map where the snowfall lies and how much there is. Of course there’s a risk that unscrupulous people might send misleading Tweets showing 10 inch thick snow in Dorset in August but that’s part of the fun, right?

3. Gifts (Free)

As someone who still hasn’t got all their Christmas presents (and has no inspiration) this is perfect. Not only does it organise your Christmas gift list but let’s you share ideas with friends and family, check prices online and keep track of how much you’ve spent (not always such a good thing!). Handier than Santa’s little helper.

2. A Christmas Carol (by Charles Dickens) (£3.99)

Nothing beats ‘A Christmas Carol’ for a good old traditional Christmas tale and this app gives you extras like quotes and chapter timings so you can tell if you’re going to get to the end before you walk through the door. Perfect!

1. Yule Tile (£0.79)

Pretty clever, this one – it uses the Windows Phone tiles as your very own daily advent calendar, complete with Christmas wallpaper and ringtones. What makes it No1 is that 10% of the profits go to the charity Railway Children dedicated to protecting street children worldwide and so embodies the Christmas spirit (along with Cocktail Flow!).

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